History of the shop

How it started

The Farm Shop started life as an Egg Shed, selling the eggs that we produced on the Farm, and then expanded to include selling Farm produced turkeys at Xmas, and potatoes and vegetables from local farms.

Later the farm needed to find some additional income to survive, because our pedigree herd of Limousin Cattle was badly affected by the ban on all UK exports of cattle , and expanding the Farm Shop seemed the right thing to do.

The Farm became independent from Walter Smith

John Smith

John Smith

Chase Farm itself had been originally part of Walter Smith Butcher after the war, but in 1980 the farming business became an independent business called Walter Smith Farms Ltd.

Both the two Chase Farm Directors John Smith and John Temple had a lot of experience therefore to bring to the development of a Farm Shop.

The Farm Shop moves to the Dairy Building

John Temple

John Temple

John Temple decided to relocate the Farm Shop to our old Dairy Building and started to sell meat.

In a few years he established the standards that all customers will recognise today – outstanding meat, beautifully butchered, kind and warm customer service, exactly as shopping used to be.

The shop started to grow, and made many friends

The Farm shop continues to grow

The service meat counter in our newly expanded shop

The service meat counter in our newly expanded shop

In 2008 John Temple decided to concentrate on the Limousin Herd, which he had started in the 1980’s, so the two Chase Farm Directors then made an agreement with their old Company Walter Smith to give them support in building the Farm Shop into the strong business it is today.

Walter Smith have enjoyed a close relationship with the Farm Shop during the first years, and each of us has learnt from the other.  Walter Smith have recently started to open successful shops in big garden centres using much of the experience gained from the Farm Shop.  They are now valued consultants to Chase Farm Shop & Cafe.

The next generation

Today John Smith and John Temple are still actively engaged with the Chase Farm projects, although conscious of the passing of time and the need to prepare for change.

Paul Smith set up the Café, did the interior décor, established the concept, so much of the quality and feel of the Café is due to him. He is now back in London.

Rachel Richards (nee Smith) has been getting to know the Café and the Shop. She has had considerable experience in running bars and Cafes in her early years.