Q Guild

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We are members of the Guild of Q Butchers

Britains best butchers

The Q Guild represents many of the elite independent meat retailers in Britain.

What it means for customers

Membership of the Guild means quality.

Members are only admitted to the Guild if they meet the standards required. We were admitted to the Guild in 2010.

The policy of Guild Members is to support British farmers.

Regular stringent inspections

Regular Independent Inspection and Audit ensures that the standards and the premises of our Farm shop meet the quality and hygiene standards required by the Q Guild.

In fact Members of the Guild are the only food retailers inspected to the European Standard EN 45011, which is one of the highest endorsements of excellence. (This is going to be redrafted, as the European standard has changed and has a different name).

We were recently inspected and awarded the AA Grade, which is the highest Grade achievable. A for Hygiene, and A for Standards.