Our fruit and vegetables


Fruit display


Wherever possible we look for local suppliers – we prefer to buy from farmers that we know.

Or we try and buy produce which comes from our local area.

Our fresh vegetables

Our fresh vegetables

Examples of local produce

Potatoes are grown for us on a local farm just a few miles away.

Some root vegetables come from other local farms.

Strawberries, raspberries and other soft fruit in season come from a local farmer in Tamworth if available.

Local asparagus from Worcestershire.

Savoy cabbage. Photo: Ben Fearnhead.

Savoy cabbage

Early supplies come from Judy Goodman who also produces Free Range Bronze Turkeys and Free Range Geese for us at Christmas. Watch our home page if you want to know when the first asparagus arrives.

Beetroot. Photo: Ben Fearnhead.


Fruit and vegetables are seasonal and can’t always be purchased locally.

We look for freshness, for quality, and for value for money.