Our meat and poultry

Sirloin steaks: fit for a King

Sirloin steaks: fit for a King

No surprise that a family who have been award winning butchers and farmers for over 150 years are experts at meat and poultry.

We sell meat both fresh and frozen. In general meat freezes well.


Our quality beef mince

Some weeks some of our beef will come from our own herd of Limousin cattle on our Farm. Our other beef is British Beef.

A substantial proportion of our beef is from Limousin or Limousin X Cattle, as you would expect. See Why Limousin.


Our personal service butchery counter

Steaks and roasting joints are matured for flavour and tenderness. The new meat department has a dry aging cabinet which produces exceptional steaks.  The cabinet controls all the important key variables, and successfully creates optimum conditions for tender and tasty steaks.  Wonderful feedback from customers.

Mince and stewing steak are carefully prepared and trimmed, and many of our customers prefer to buy these items frozen, and to keep them in the freezer ready for use.

Customer comment. “I always buy your mince. It is so reliable”


Boneless lamb shoulders: delicious roasts

Boneless lamb shoulders: delicious roasts

Our lambs come mostly from a local Staffordshire Farm on the Shugborough Estate. We are an important customer for this farm. Many foodies say the early spring lambs are unbelievably special.  We agree.  Look out for the first Spring Lambs in the shop from about the last week in March.

Other lamb in the autumn may sometimes come from the Welsh Hills.

Lamb freezes well. You can buy this with confidence fresh or frozen.


Boneless pork roast

Boneless pork roast

Our pork is carefully chosen, and good quality, from local suppliers.

We insist on a reasonable covering of fat, which is needed for flavour, and we only take female pigs.

Traditional would be a good word to describe our pork.


Chicken Piri Piri

Chicken Piri Piri: made from barn reared chicken

Our free range poultry comes mainly from a local farmer at Barton under Needwood.

Our barn reared poultry comes from a supplier we trust in Norfolk.

We also buy cuts of chicken from different suppliers.  Look out for attractive special offers on things like chicken breasts.