Specialities and awards won

Our award winning pies and sausages

The shop makes a wide range of tasty products on the premises. These include pork pies, dry cured bacon, sausage, stir frys and kebabs.

Bakewell tarts, apricot tarts, scones and many other bakery products are also made on site.

Dry aged steaks

Our Dry aging cabinet creates the perfect conditions to produce tender tasty steaks, which are about as good as it gets.

Dry cured bacon

We make a traditional award winning dry cured bacon – like bacon used to be.
More about our dry cured bacon

Artisan pies

Our pork pie is one of the shop specialties and has won many awards. We make a full range of other pies in addition to this.
More about our artisan pies

Ashlee Proffitt with some of our specialty pies

Ashlee Proffitt with some of our specialty pies

We sell several sorts of sausage.
More about our sausage

Puddings and deserts
We make a delicious range of puddings and deserts.
More about our puddings and deserts

Cooked meat
We make a range of cooked meat.

We make burgers – our traditional burger is outstanding – made with high quality lean beef mince.