Why Limousin

A limousin cow and calf

A Limousin cow and calf

Limousin is one of the world’s best beef breeds. They please both the customer and the farmer.

In the last fifteen years the French Limousin herd alone has grown 50%, and the Limousin is now the second breed in France. Limousins are becoming more popular everywhere.

Why do farmers like the breed?

Farmers like them because they have a good temperament, their calves are born small, and they calve easily.

Limousins convert food efficiently – faster than our native British Beef Breeds. Farmers choose them for crossbreeding with cattle like the Angus, the Hereford, the Shorthorn, really because they both improve the food conversion efficiency of those breeds, and the crosses produce better meat.

Why do customers like Limousin beef?

A limousin calf

A Limousin calf

Customers choose Limousin Beef because of the outstanding lean tender meat.

Chase Farm Shop and Limousin beef
A substantial proportion of Chase Farm beef is from Limousin or Limousin Cross. The choice of Limousin, together with our traditional butchery skills, and the care we take in maturing our meat, is why customers find so much pleasure in the beef roasts and steaks they buy from us.