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We haven't just stumbled across butchering, it's in our blood here at Chase Farm!

Butchering within our family dates all the way back to 1870 to Mr John Smith; a farmer and butcher in Manea, Cambridgeshire - that's over 150 years of experience passed down to each generation and we won't be stopping any time soon!

Nowadays, we take pride in being a modern butcher but with all the traditional skills, techniques and knowledge - offering a range of fresh cuts of beef including some from our own pedegree Limousin herd, award-winning pork sausages, marinated local chicken and

mouth-watering lamb joints and chops!

Our expert butchers are more than happy to help you select the perfect cut of meat, answer any questions and provide you with specialist tips and tricks guaranteeing you get the very best out of the very best meat!



To put it bluntly, Limousin cattle are the best of the best! They are known to have a lovely temperament and are known to calve a lot easier than other breeds in the U.K - Happy Cow = Happy Farmer!

Limousins are known for their deliciously lean and tender meat; match this with our traditional butchery skills and you get the best the herd can give!

Our very own pedigree limousin herd have won several regional competitions throughout the Midlands spanning to North Wales due to their strong bloodline and high health status! Oh yeah, and it's down to the amazing farmers too!


Q stands for quality!

The Q Guild represents the best of the best independent meat retailers

throughout Britain.

The Q Guild's main aim is to represent and support local British butchers something which we believe is vital here at Chase Farm.

At Chase Farm, we have been members of the Q Guild for nearly 10 years, passing regular hygiene and standards inspections with flying colours.

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