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We are devastated to have read some recent reviews and social media posts regarding Chase Farm Shop trying to profiteer from the current Pandemic crisis.

We have worked tirelessly over the past month to serve our community in various ways. Our butchery, bakery and shop team have worked above and beyond their contracted hours to produce the food and stock the shelves in an attempt to cope with the demand during this unprecedented time. We have delivered food to vulnerable customers who are self-isolating and donated café stock to a local food charity who are providing aid to people of need during this crisis.

As a small business we continued to try and improve by changing working hours, installing screens, introducing social distancing for customers & staff plus closing at times to allow us to re-stock the shop without putting our customer and staff health at risk.

In addition to the above we have liaised with our trusted suppliers to enable us to receive the stock for us to sell on. Our suppliers did not fail us and the relationships that we have built up over the years proved to be invaluable. Some items that we have been buying have increased in price – this is purely based on supply & demand. Those price increases have been passed on; all be it not 100% of the increase.

If any customers are concerned about the price increases, we would happily discuss this on an individual basis; the increase from £6.50 to £28.00 for a box of broccoli is not of interest to everyone!

Thank you to the customers who are supporting our business and we look forward to the future where lives can return to a level of normality, with our café reopening and all staff members returning to the team.

Stay safe.

Chase Farm Shop & Café Management Team.


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