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Great news for our customers and people using the pathways around Chase Farm!

Posted on Facebook by our local councillor - Roughley News Ewan Mackey

Great News Funding has been secured for a pavement to be constructed on Weeford Road between Slade Road and Chase Fam Shop and Café Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and showed your support for the pathway as Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council has just approved my application for the allocation of circa £45k to enable a footway to be installed on Weeford Road between Slade Road & Chase Farm Shop & Café. This is great news as Chase Farm Shop & Café is an essential local amenity in Roughley Ward. It is one of very few significant shopping centres in the Ward, delivering: Fresh seasonal produce, pantry store essentials, free-range eggs, fresh fruit and veg, craft beers and preserves are a few examples. Drawing on experience dating back to 1870, there is also their Butchers shop offering a range of fresh cuts of beef, including their own pedigree Limousin herd beef, award-winning pork sausages, marinated local chicken and lamb joints and chops. A Farm Café, as well as offering mid-morning & mid-afternoon drinks and homemade pastries, there are also breakfasts and lunches, the most popular being Sunday Lunch. Again all are locally sourced. There is also a very popular public facility of a petting Zoo and Playground for younger members of the Ward. This pavement will make a huge difference as despite being popular amongst the residents of Harvest Fields Estate, Moor Hall Estates and across Sutton Coldfield & South Staffs. those wishing to walk currently have to walk on a narrow verge or on the road, which the lack of street lighting makes incredibly dangerous. Lidl, a German supermarket, has opened in Mere Green and benefited from two public crossings and upgraded pavements and lighting. I think it is only right that we have supported a local outlet offering similar services in a similar manner.


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